Regen Cotton India

Working Towards Impact

Working Towards Impact

ACRE Platform

The ACRE Platform serves as a capacity-building intervention and direct-to-farm sourcing model that supports cotton farmers in adopting regenerative agricultural practices. With a focus on improving farmer livelihoods and sustainability, the platform creates a secure market for farmers to sell their regenerative cotton, aligning with the principles and benefits of regenerative agriculture.

We are revolutionizing how brands, retailers, and stakeholders in the cotton and garment sector source their cotton, simultaneously transforming the lives of the farmers producing it.

Our approach prioritizes incremental environmental sustainability and the well-being of cotton farmers by providing comprehensive support from seed to sale.The direct-to-farm sourcing model of the Regenerative Cotton Platform ensures farmers have market access, demand security, fair wages, access to quality seeds, and hands-on training in regenerative practices.

Navigating the cotton and garment sector can be challenging. We offer support in developing supply chain projects, promoting transparency and traceability through validated and customized impact data.

We establish commitments for cotton offtake, enabling brands, retailers, and stakeholders to secure a sustainable supply of regenerative cotton from our verified farm groups. These commitments also incentivize farmers to invest in regenerative production and processes.

Partners of the Regenerative Cotton Platform receive third-party validated data that showcases the impact of supporting farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture. This data highlights the benefits derived from training, access to regenerative inputs, premium payments, and secure product offtake.

Our regional teams provide tailored, local support to brands, retailers, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless project implementation and measurement of outcomes in the cotton and garment sector.