Regen Cotton India

About Us

The Alliance Of Cotton And Textile Stakeholders on Regenerative Agriculture or ACRE aims to enable collaboration among the cotton and textile sectors through the promotion of regenerative agriculture. 

Why do we exist?

The cotton industry faces critical challenges: excessive water use, reliance on harmful pesticides, and soil degradation. 

Regenerative agriculture offers a solution by revitalizing soil health, reducing water usage, and cutting down chemical inputs. 

ACRE addresses these issues head-on, promoting practices that ensure the long-term viability of cotton farming and textile production.

What do we do?

The ACRE Platform will serve as a capacity-building intervention and direct-to-farm sourcing model that supports cotton farmers in adopting regenerative agricultural practices. With a focus on improving farmer livelihoods and sustainability, the platform will create a secure market for farmers to sell their regenerative cotton, aligning with the principles and benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Founding Members