Regen Cotton India

What We Do?

Towards an ACRE Platform

The Regenerative Cotton Place serves as a direct-to-farm e-sourcing model that supports cotton farmers in adopting regenerative agricultural practices. With a focus on improving farmer livelihoods and sustainability, the platform will facilitate interface for dialouge for business development for farmers to sell their regenerative cotton, aligning with the principles and benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Innovative programs

Enhancing traceability solutions: ACRE can facilitate programme that could focus on developing advanced traceability technologies, such as blockchain-powered systems, to ensure reliable and transparent tracking of regenerative cotton from farmers to consumers. This would provide greater credibility and assurance in regenerative cotton claims.

Intercultural operations (1)

Comparative Research/ Certification Readiness Pilots

Research projects will be conducted to identify the best package of practice under regenagri, to get optimally regenerative cotton, without compromising on the cotton yield and quality. By exploring different agricultural practices, the programme could optimize the agronomic, environmental, and economic benefits for farmers, improving the resilience and sustainability of their cotton production.

Sustainable farming data collection

ACRE could work on developing a standardized set of impact indicators for cotton farming systems. This would enable brands and retailers to effectively measure, optimize, and communicate the environmental and social impact of their sustainable cotton sourcing decisions.


Training and knowledge development

Investing in new training curriculums for regenagri cotton farmers and trainers could be a focus of the programme. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date training resources, farmers can enhance their knowledge and skills in regenagri cotton farming practices, leading to improved productivity, soil health, and sustainable farming practices.

Pest management

Community engagement and empowerment

Building and connecting farmer groups in an open community could be a key initiative. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among farmers, the programme can empower and engage them in the regenerative cotton movement, promoting sustainability and creating a supportive network for farmers to learn from each other.