Regen Cotton India

ACRE Alliance

When organizations join the ACRE Platform, they become Contributors and are united with key players in the agricultural supply chain, sharing a common mission. Together, we aim to challenge conventional practices, empower farmers, increase the global supply of regenerative cotton, and pave the way for systemic change.

By collaborating with the ACRE Platform, our members ensure supply security, transparency, and impactful contributions. They gain access to a network that helps them achieve their sustainability goals while actively participating in revolutionizing the agricultural industry for the better. However, this is just the beginning. As we continue to expand the reach of regenerative agriculture, we call upon all stakeholders to collaborate, ensuring the future resilience of our industry.

Why join us?

Drive Market Transformation

Become part of a community of innovative pioneers across the entire agricultural value chain who are committed to building a healthy and resilient regenerative agriculture sector.

How we’re moving the market

Support Sustainable Farming Communities

Contribute to the betterment of livelihoods, working conditions, and overall well-being of farmers and farm communities by supporting regenerative agricultural practices.

Inspiring Insights

Access cutting-edge market intelligence and valuable insights from our programs, empowering you to enhance your performance and drive innovation within your organization.

Foster Innovation

Invest in collaborative efforts to develop the latest innovations in sustainable sourcing, regenerative practices, and traceability within the realm of agriculture.

Share Best Practices

Learn from diverse stakeholders as they share their success stories, best practices, and experiences in our webinars and workshops, fostering knowledge exchange and collective learning.

Be the Agenda Setter

Shape the sector's agenda alongside other Contributors, driving conversations and actions that promote the adoption of regenerative practices, while strengthening your organization's sustainability narrative with validated impact data.